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If you are participating in any form of real estate transaction, it is imperative to choose to work with an escrow company whom you can rely upon to manage your funds in precise accordance with the details set out in any residential or commercial property agreement.

Are you looking for an escrow company who can streamline the clear and dispute-free transfer of funds involved with your next property transaction? If so, we can help. This is because we are committed to protecting the interests of buyers and sellers, by ensuring that no funds change hands prior to all terms in sale contracts having been fully satisfied.

Expert Escrow Services

As a professional escrow company, Newline Escrow handles all your escrow needs. We are the escrow
experts in the industry and have experience in multiple categories including the following

Special Financing Escrow

Financing Escrow

Our team of qualified professionals ensures every requirement is met by all parties involved in residential real estate transactions. We know that buying a home is one of the most important investments any consumer will make. You can be confident that Newline Escrow will handle every detail with professionalism and diligence.

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Property Escrow


When any real property changes hands, our team of escrow agents can assist you in closing your real estate transaction escrow smoothly and efficiently. Newline Escrow provides residential, commercial, multi-units, new construction and subdivisions, condominiums, co-ops, for-sale-by-owner, double escrow, own your own, and all other types of property transactions.

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Non-Traditional Escrow


Did you know that non-traditional transactions like trusts, note sales, and fertility accounts also need escrow services? We offer top rated escrow services for non-traditional transactions including IRA custodian ownerships, probate, trusts, note sales, auction sales, bulk sales, specialty holdings, cash transfers, and even fertility, surrogacy, and IVF accounts.

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Put your next Real Estate Transaction in the Safest Hands Possible

Choosing the right escrow company isn’t just about choosing a service provider who you can trust to hold earnest money in an escrow account, before arranging the eventual wire transfer of funds from buyers to sellers.

Closing any property transaction necessitates the filling out and reviewing several pieces of important paperwork. At the same time, it is imperative for both buyers and sellers that all paperwork is submitted and reviewed on a timely basis. Sadly, due to the sheer volume of transactions undertaken by some escrow agents, inefficient service and poor attention to detail can delay the escrow process and lead to money exchanging hands without certain sales terms having been fully agreed upon.

Thankfully, if you are looking for an escrow company who can guarantee to streamline your escrow process whilst not compromising on quality of service, we can help.

Escrow Services

As a professional escrow company, Newline Escrow handles all your escrow needs. We are the escrow experts in the industry and have experience in multiple categories including the following

Full-Service Escrow Account Services

Specializing in residential, commercial, new construction, and special financing escrow services, we keep our clients as fully informed as possible throughout every step of the escrow process. We notify both parties involved with any property transaction as soon as potential problems arise. We also help buyers and sellers understand their full contractual obligations, as well as listen to concerns and amend transaction schedules as and when new developments arise.

Understanding the Escrow Process Itself

In the majority of cases, sellers will choose the escrow company who they want to manage the completion of their next property sale. It is important to remember, however, that as a property buyer, you are not obligated to use your sellers choice of escrow company. This being the case, only ever sign a purchase agreement if you are 100% happy using the escrow company or agent detailed therein.

Of course, the important thing to remember about our own escrow account service is that we act completely impartially during the escrow process. We are not on the side of sellers or people looking to purchase a property. We simply hold onto property deeds, earnest deposits, and eventual wire transfers of funds, until such a point that all terms involved in any property transaction have been fully satisfied.

Better Protecting your Interests

During any property transaction, confusion and problems can arise,
even if both parties involved are seasoned property investors.

Better Protecting your Interests

Such problems can include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Lenders appraising properties for lower amounts than a sellers asking price.
  • Home inspections identifying defects to properties which sellers need to agree to fix or compensate buyers for by lowering asking prices.
  • Third parties disputing who has the claim on a property title prior to purchase.
  • Insurance companies not being willing to insure a property due to past insurance claims.
  • Errors in paperwork.
  • Discovery of outstanding tax liens being held against property titles.
  • Buyers simply deciding that they no longer wish to proceed with a property transaction.

Thankfully, regardless of what problems might arise prior to the closing of any property transaction, we make sure to hold all funds in our escrow account and only disburse these as and when any problem has been fully resolved. By doing this, we protect the best interests of buyers who might choose not to commit to a property transaction should defects be discovered during property inspections. At the same time, we help protect the best interests of property sellers, by ensuring that funds held in earnest are still released to them, even if a buyer pulls out of a property transaction unexpectedly.

Dedicated to Helping you
Benefit from a Successful Closing

Whether you are selling or buying a property, your No.1 goal is to achieve a successful closing as hassle freely and as expeditiously as possible. Thankfully, we can help facilitate a speedy and efficient closing process by ensuring that all escrow conditions are met and everyone involved in a property transaction is fully aware of their responsibilities.

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Newline Escrow Inc. holds California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) Escrow License No. 96DBO-68090. We are a member of Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation (EAFC), which provides fidelity coverage to its members. EAFC is not a governmental agency, and there is no guarantee of payment of any claim by the State of California. We maintain meticulous trust accounting and liquidity requirements, with internal and external controls over escrow deposits as required for this license.


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